The Ideal Picnic

A delightful European morning, afternoon or evening begins with fresh air, the smell of lavender, and the delightful glow of rose gold. Serene hues and intimate details realize an abundance of charm in our Left Bank Collection. It's ideal for a wedding, corporate picnic, anniversary party, family reunion or any occasion that highlights the extraordinary moments in your life.

A. Metal Savannah Sofa

B. Set of four matching Savannah Chairs

C. Thames Coffee Table

D. Silver Hide Rug

E. Two potted grasses

F. Copper Banded Rose Hurricane

G. Set of seven pillows

H. Light Blue/Gray Bottle

I. Sedgwick Lucite Bar (Optional)

*Decorative Rocks available for purchase only.

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*All lounge groups/collections are subject to availability. One of a kind items or any damaged items unable to be replaced before an event will be substituted with an item/s chosen by our team, and approved by you, our client. We reserve the right to make changes to lounge collections at anytime. Minor accessories may be substituted at client's request but must be approved by Bleu at time of rental agreement. Any substitutions may affect the rental lounge groups/collections rental price. © 2019 Bleu Luxury Rentals. 

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